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Tomorrow's skills will not be learned with yesterday's methods!


Ritualize training

“Kokoroe” is a Japanese word that signifies learning with one's heart! A name that reflects our educational bias: to create emotion to offer an engaging and memorable pedagogical experience.

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Artificial intelligence, blockchain, metaverse... Every day, new concepts are emerging at an increasingly fast pace of innovation! In this new era, the skills we acquire at school are no longer those that will take us all the way to retirement. At Kokoroe, our mission is clear: train everyone to the skills of tomorrow!

Raphaëlle CoviletteCo-Founder of Kokoroe & CEO

Kokoroe is in phase with the new habits of the 3.0 learner

Binge learning I stream
Emotion I learn with fun
Snack I trained in 15 minutes
Videos, podcasts, webinars I train according to my needs
Holistic I learn for my professional and personal life
FOMO I discover a new training every week

French Women 40 Winners

With more than 150 partners to its credit, Kokoroe is listed in the French Women 40, under the patronage of the Ministry of Labour.

Tech For Good Awards

Committed to social inclusion for several years, Kokoroe has received the Tech For Good Awards in recognition of its Commitments.

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