Our social commitment

We share a conviction: training is a powerful driver of inclusion.


Inclusion in action

Inclusion is more and more at the heart of societal expectations. At Kokoroe, we believe that digital inclusion hinges on training. To this end, we launch each year a special event, the Future Of Work & Inclusive Summit.

Our citizen training courses to raise awareness of tomorrow's challenges

LGBTQIA+, Green IT, fake news, microagressions… Each year, Kokoroe launches 10 citizen training courses made freely available and co-developed with engaged associations and NGOs.

Pôle Emploi

Our partnership with Pôle Emploi in favor of digital inclusion

Since 2019, Kokoroe has partnered with “Pôle Emploi” public employment service to train the 3.4 million job seekers on soft skills and new technologies.

Discover the Women in #HRTech & #Edtech Circle to think about the solutions of tomorrow

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An inclusive DNA reflected in our pedagogical engineering

👩‍💻 The faces of our training courses

We believe that our courses should reflect our society: rich and diverse. Therefore, they represent a diversity of origins, genders, ages....

🌏Our Inclusion & CSR training courses

Training can awaken minds. For this reason, each year 15% of our new trainings are dedicated to inclusion and CSR.

🤝 The pedagogical ecosystem

Our training courses are made available free of charge to associations selected for their local commitment and their territorial anchorage.

💻 Digital accessibility

Developers, designers, educational engineers... all work together to make our content accessible to all, including those with disabilities. Learn more